War mongering lieing slut who sucks Bush's dick on a dayly basis. Hasn't achieved anything remotely important in all her years as secretary of state except jet all over the world spending tax payers money pretending she is important. Likes to flash his ass around for the rest of the viagra popping neocons in the administration. Needs a good fuck to straighten her out but unfortunately can't find any one in the administration that has any balls to to pleasure her. Has huge interest in phalic shaped vibrators
Cheney licks his lips at the site of Condoleezza Rice envious his dick isn't in her mouth rather than Georges
#slut #bitch #war monger #ass kisser #vibrators
by tommylee May 01, 2008
Top Definition
Lying cunt. Hypocrite. War criminal.
"Condoleezza Rice is a lying cunt" is a tautology.
#cunt #hypocrite #war criminal #grisly fuck-faced demon bitch #the next president of the united states for you sad-fuck americans.
by Why not April 06, 2006
A good excuse to use the words "nigger".

She who supported the war in Iraq and lied about the war, resulting in the deaths of innocent people: Iraqi civilians, woung men and women who had their whole lives ahead of them... now thanks to George W. Bush and this stupid cunt, among others, the United States are in deep shit.
Thank god that Barbara Boxer gave a piece of her mind to that Condoleezza Rice bitch.
by Lorelili March 28, 2005
(n) One who shops for Ferragamos while her brothers and sisters drown and die. A denizen of pure, unadulterated evil put upon the earth to cause as much pain and suffering as possible while enriching a criminal cartel. An unmitigated liar who seeks to confuse and obfuscate. Physical characteristics are an evil, spotted mug with a disastrous set of fangs protruding from a dessicated maw.
I wonder why Condoleezza Rice doesn't see a dentist?
#idiot #moron #evil #dumbass #politician #warmonger #mass murderer
by Balls Fargas May 30, 2007
verb. To condoleezzarice: Skillfully manoever around hairy questions without answering them directly.
The prosecutor was tough, but the defendant was able to condoleezzarice himself out of every questions masterfully.
#condoleeza #condaleezza #candaleeza #candaleezza #condaleezarice
by Yoova August 24, 2006
A Mexican dish
Paul: Why is my Condoleezza Rice so dry?
John: Is that really a question?
#condoleezza #rice #mexican #dish #dry
by yomama'smom January 26, 2010
Condoleezza Rice is a classical piano player of noteworthy talent; unfortunately, less than talented as a Secretary of State
Condoleezza Rice is very talented at the piano but at a loss in statecraft.
#smart girl #pianist #intelligent #ph.d. #talented #cutie #sexually questionable
by elihu rooter January 21, 2007
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