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President of the United States
Ronald Reagan was the fortieth POTUS.
by Ludlow July 30, 2005
Piece Of Totally Useless Shit
That ken, his work is a potus.
That is a potus.
by MyCattMaxx December 01, 2010
Variety of indoor plant. President of the United States (P.O.T.U.S.).
by Hache September 11, 2003
Secret Service codename/acronym for President of the United States
Secret Service officer 1:POTUS is at buckeye(camp david)
Secret Service officer 2: Roger that
by Matt!!!! September 15, 2005
(noun) A word that sounds really dirty but isn't.
Son: Clinton was a real POTUS.
Son: It's an abbreviation kind of like NASA.
Mother. Oh. Well, don't let grandma hear you say it.
by Whore of Babylon September 15, 2005
President Of United States

This is used as code on a pager or text message to Admin staff at whitehouse and also to Secret Service.
White House Deputy Chief of Staff may receive text message
with folowing:

POTUS has arrived
by M-ali September 15, 2005
When a male leans out a window and shouts 'I love cricket' continuously while taking a dump.
dude,that guy's taking a Potu
by Eddiev November 13, 2003
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