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greatest comic working today
Ellen DeGeneres is HILARIOUS!
by Ludlow July 30, 2005
President of the United States
Ronald Reagan was the fortieth POTUS.
by Ludlow July 30, 2005
A woman who is perceived by a radical feminist as supporting "the patriarchy" by her actions or opinions, regardless of the woman's actual position.

Often used as a 'get out of jail free card', labeling a woman as a handmaiden allows her position to be dismissed without further critical analysis or counteracting any arguments.
I consistently dislike what she writes as it is inevitably pro-patriarchal handmaideny nincompoopery.

I'm going to suggest she's been drinking the Handmaiden Communion Wine.

All it is to be a handmaiden is to carry out the whims of the patriarchy.
by ludlow November 03, 2012
a leader great enough to be included in a group with Washington, Lincoln, and Reagan
Liberals hate Bush only out of desperation and a raw inability to perceieve the world as it actually exists.
by Ludlow July 30, 2005
professor turned high-ranking foreign policy official in the current White House; perhaps one of the most brilliant Americans to ever work in government; quite possibly the next POTUS
If Condoleezza Rice ran for the presidency, I would absolutely vote for her.
by Ludlow July 30, 2005
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