'peer' in french
je vous aime, mes comrades!
by bebe June 10, 2004
A word used by Pavel Tsatsouline to address his butt buddies that participate in his manly kettlebell classes.
Comrade, join us over here in the jerk circle for a warm up before we do our manly kettlebell swings to tighten up our asses. Then we will proceed to the faggish get ups where we will really make a man out of you.
#kettlebell #comrad #friend #fagot #faggot #fagget #pavel tsatsouline #pavel #tsatsouline #swings
by dstroker December 20, 2011
An awsome 4 piece communist punk rock band from Arcata, California! They sing songs about marxism-leninism, the struggle of the proletariat against its oppressors, social justice, the evils of imperialism and capitalism, etc.
I love to go to www.xcomradex.com! Its the website of that awsome commie band!
by Comrade Shane June 13, 2003
Pokey the Penguin.
by the management May 24, 2003
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