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The most beautiful greeting in the word. A true worker's word.
Burning american flags again, Comrade?
by Llegovski October 01, 2003
Variant of "companion" formed in England in the 1500's. It was a military (especially naval) term to address one who had achieved the same high ranking as yourself, and may only be used by commanders, admirals and such.

In the USSR it became a popular form of address, and of welcome into the social groups surrounding bolshevism.

Replacement for "sir" or "mister"
"Comrade Gumba" sunk your battleship, bitch.
by Gumba Gumba April 11, 2004
*A partner, especially in military-related things.

*The communist term to refer to a friend or ally.
"Welcome to Russia, comrade!"
-russian dude greeting you in Russia
by Dave March 26, 2004
Derived from French "camarade", which was in turn derived from Latin "camara", this term means one with whom feelings of camaraderie are shared. A friend, associate, or partner can be considered a comrade. This term was, in fact, used by socialists before the Soviets popularized it, and continues to be used today by socialists, communists, and even without political connotations.
"Flashback Jim was my comrade in arms in Vietnam."
by Theos June 26, 2007
The communist word for friend or ally. Frequently used in Mother Russia, China, Cuba, and North Korea. (also used in our english class)
Comrades, hail to the Iron Fist of Communism!!!
by Maren n Emily July 10, 2003
A Russian Term Used Mostly Used By The Soviets
It Replaces The Words Mr/Mrs
For Example...
Comrade Reznov Gave Me A Bottle Of Vodka

Instead Of Mr/Mrs Reznov Gave Me A Bottle Of Vodka
by JFKsHeadWound June 19, 2009
The word Comrade is a word used by most communists to describe a friend, ally, or to replace a title.
"Help me Comrade"

"Comrade Chekov saved a cat yesterday"
by Eat Bran August 16, 2009
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