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Derived from French "camarade", which was in turn derived from Latin "camara", this term means one with whom feelings of camaraderie are shared. A friend, associate, or partner can be considered a comrade. This term was, in fact, used by socialists before the Soviets popularized it, and continues to be used today by socialists, communists, and even without political connotations.
"Flashback Jim was my comrade in arms in Vietnam."
by Theos June 26, 2007
A Dungeons and Dragons spell. Finger of death is a spell wizards and sorcerers can learn and cast as a level 6 spell and druids can cast a level 7 spell. It is cast on one living target, which has to make a fortitude saving throw or die immediately. Targets which make a successful fortitude save take 3d6 points of damage plus 1 point per level of the caster, up to 3d6 + 25. A target with a sufficiently low amount of hit points can die even if a successful fortitude save is made.
I'm having a lucky streak: the most difficult creature I encounter between resting periods always fails its fortitude save when I give it the finger of death :D
by Theos April 18, 2007
An insectile devil, fighting with a spear and utilizing cold attacks, from the Nine Hells of Baator. They are the most alien of the Baatezu, having mental processes humanoids would consider insane. The tieflings they produce, kept in insane asylums by humans, pass as sane to gelugons.
I think the summoning abilities of devils should be reconsidered. Starting with a single gelugon, my party eventually had to fight off 3 gelugons, 8 osyluths, and however many lemures they all felt like summoning.
by Theos April 18, 2007
Lemures are the least of the Baatezu. A lemure is a gelatinous mass of flesh, extremely resilient to attacks. The only way to harm one is with an enchanted weapon. They are too stupid to think, and are typically used as meat shields by the Baatezu in their war against the tanar'ri.
The only thing making a lemure more dangerous than a goblin is the fact that they can't be harmed by ordinary weapons.
by Theos April 18, 2007
A creature from Dungeons and Dragons, classified as Baatezu, the inhabitants of the Nine Hells, also known as Baator. They are draconic in appearance, and color-coded according to their elemental inclination. Black abishai use acidic attacks, white use cold attacks, blue abishai use electric attacks, and red abishai use fire. Of the four types, red abishai are the most powerful, and white abishai the least.
My wizard is completely useless because I forgot to change his readied spells before I rested. I'm fighting a swarm of red abishai and all my area of effect spells are fire-based!
by Theos April 18, 2007

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