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one who teaches from experience. they can be the nicest person you ever met or the meanest person you'll ever meet, all depends how you treat them. they are usually beautiful & freaky. they are definantly wifey material. they are down to earth. they get along with almost everyone. they can make almost anyone laugh even when theyre not trying.
wow, camara is a great person.
by imZadddy July 23, 2011
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A serrupticious and subtle way of drawing attention to a persons chest. Requires a knowledge of the first name of the footballer with the second name Camara, it's Titi if you weren't aware.
'Wow, great camaras'
by Ricardo Fernando July 20, 2006
henri camara one of the best wolves players
henri c is da dogs bollocks and wba are shit and a pile of wank
by Izacc Hunt with itchy bollocks April 04, 2004

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