a machine that is really cool if it's new. It has access to internet and all that good stuff. a machine that can also cause a lot of anger if the hard drive is loaded because it will go really slow.
A New Computer:
-Hey, i just got the "Windows XP HP Infinity"
-yeah, it works with the best computer games and never slows down!

-hey, guess what, i installed Itunes, limewire and all that good stuff on my computer!
-sweet! let me try it out
-alright hold on i gotta click on it twice
-AAH! (incomprehensible swearing) this dam piece of Sh!t! (destroys the computer and smashes it into a billion pieces.)
by chrissy tha blak October 13, 2007
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a machine for downloading porn
"oh no, the computer broke, i ejaculated all over the keyboard"
by Anonymous February 22, 2003
The most useful and most frustrating thing any human being will ever work with.
The computer crashed again. I lost three thousand lines of code.
by Mystery Man January 28, 2003
If you're looking up this word, kill yourself.
To use the internet, one must have at least a vague idea of what a computer is.
by ddt November 21, 2004
a very, very expensive punching bag
Work with me! *Crack* stupid computer! Gonna punch the life out of you!
by gusto5 May 29, 2004
A tool that is supposed to save time but intead wastes time.
1. Viruses
2. Bugs
3. Crashes
4. Spyware
5. Urbandictionary.com :)
by Why do I keep coming here? September 24, 2003
The most boring and frustrating thing in the world-however, I keep coming back.
the computer isnt playing my cd! piece of shit! Oh there we go-computer i love you!
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