+. an amazing activity where great choreography movements and the use of a flag, sabre, or rifle make an excellent show.

+. takes lots of practice.

+. have to learn how to march, jazz run, stay on count, memorize every movement, be prepared for the worst, get to places in a limited amount of counts, toss, drop-spins, plus be graceful during it all.

+. being a guardie is a great part of life. i wouldnt trade it for anything.

+. i dont know if id call it a sport. we do compete just like cheerleaders. so i suppose if cheerleading is a sport so is guard.
wow! did you see that guardie? she was amazing!
by guardie-girl July 13, 2004
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1. a semi-cult which no one outside of it understands, because they cannot handle the greatness of it

2. a group of girls, and occasionally a gay guy, who make marching band far more interesting by dancing and twirling flags, sabres, rifles, batons, and sometimes the odd prop or two
Person 1: I don't like marching band shows. They're so boring.

Person 2: No they're not! Look at the shiny flags and weapons.
by ehhhhh April 16, 2005
1. A true test of physical strength and ability.
2. The only place where you can legally flip it, whip it, and strip it!
Oooh! Shiny flags...
by Musically-Transmitted-Disease March 29, 2005
Totally the shit. A sport. Is harder than cheerleading
Color Guard sure looks awesome.
by guardo May 03, 2005
girls (or guys) who freeze their butts off on football fields during field shows but still have the hugest smiles on their faces(hey showmanship points r always the easiest!!!) who start to think band or drumline guys r hot because they have no life outside of band/colorguard prac. and are always in step with the person next to you even when youre not in competition or at practice! also people who have the time of their lives tossing flags and hating it when people mistaken them for CHEERLEADERS.
omg my fingers match the purple sequins on my costume!!

(at the mall with a friend whos not in cg)F: y do u keep doing that funny leap skip thing? You: o so im in step!

omg look its a drumline!! r they hot?
by christine December 06, 2003
Colorguard means spending every waking hour trying to improve each toss, becoming more emotional, hearing your guard instructor yell at you at the top of his lungs"Focus!Detail!Expression!Technique!"It about loving what you do, with the people you people you love-your guard family, a sisterhood(or family-depending of weather there is a guard boy) it's being everything you want to be in that moment-when your on the floor. It's our life, it's our love, it's our family, it's us......
Tia guards.com
by Ashley Tay April 07, 2005
Truely skilled and talented teenagers and college age students. Both men and women are a part of colorguard. And NO the men are not always homosexual. Colorguards add a punch of color and fun to a marching bands field show. Colorguard teams will SPIN not TWIRL flags, rifles, sabres, and many other things (i.e. brooms,different props such as wood cut into a 1/2 moon shape or just about anything). Colorguards may also do an indoor show which is done on a basketball court sized floor with beautiful floor covering and the shows are done to music that the girls(and or guys) pick out and mix together. Colorguard girls are no longer the fatt and ugly girls like it used to be now its anyone that has the ability to spin a 5-8 foot pole that is about 6 pounds and a 5 pound rifle and do it in time with the music as well as march in time and on step with the rest of the band all while spinning and tossing and catching and dancing and acting to the judges. Any one who says that colorguard isn't hard should see my shoulder I have a rotator cuff that needs surgery and elbows and wrists that already have arthritis. I have more injuries form colorguard then from soccer and I was on the Varsity team for BOTH. NORE are colorguard members WHORES, SLUTS, or anything else liek that. Yes, I'm sure that there are some on teams throught the country; however, that is the case with all sports teams and culbs.
Guard is spending most, if not all, of your free time practicing something that will not get you a job. It will not get you money. It probably will not even give you personally any awards, yet guard is an award all in itself. It is striving to be the best you can be. It is getting along with other people no matter how much you do not want to. It is spending every Saturday performing your heart out just for the sake of knowing what life is truly all about. Guard is smiling through that last half hour of practice, no matter how much you want to go home. It is coming together with other people who love guard as much as you. It is becoming a better team player. It is overcoming fear. It is performing. It is bettering yourself in many subject areas, all at once.
Guard is Math:
It is rhythmically based on the subdivision of time in music. It incorporates various angles, sequences and geometric shapes on a plane.
Guard is Language:
It is a language all its own that expresses an emotion or tells a story through movement. It uses many aspects brought together to provide the entire picture much as sentences form a paragraph.
Guard is Science:
It is a study of physics. Equipment must be accurately utilised to create a desired effect based on force, speed, and reactions.
Guard is History:
History, as the study of people, is a major part of the guard environment. Guard is the allowing of very different people to find a common ground. It is influenced by the past and influences the future as it goes along.
Guard is a Sport:
It is a test of physical dexterity, stamina, hand-eye coordination, body control, strength, and balance. It is a game that we play as a team, bettering ourselves through practice, both on our own and as a unit. It is competitive. We compete against ourselves to become better, as well as against other guards for awards. It has fans, as any sport does. It has those that are fans of the sport, as well as those fond of a particular group alone. They are with us through thick and thin, whether we win or lose. They give back what we give to them.
Guard is Art:
It is a performing art of the greatest degree. It involves the audience through music, color, excitement, story lines, dance, and a flair that is unique to each performing unit.
Guard is Education:
It is learning, trying new things, and doing things you may be uncomfortable doing. It is learning about others, as well as yourself. It is learning about the world around us.
Guard is Life:
It is beauty, love, talent, cooperation, learning, challenges, and raw emotion. It is becoming the best person you can possibly be. It is the greatest natural high.

(found on a web page of a colorguard junkie)
by frogger08 April 23, 2006
One Step!
One Tempo!
One Beat!
One Spin!
One Movement!
One Motivation!
One Voice!
One Objective!
One Aim!
One Ambition!
One Incentive!
One Dream!
One Goal!
One Guard!
1: What are they chanting?

2: Colorguard...it's a cult. Duh.
by Keikoku July 13, 2006
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