A group of people, also known as a drill team or dance team, who add visual flair to a marching band. They are most often associated with flags, which they often march with and twirl. However, many groups also dance, and some schools' colorguards twirl other interesting objects such as rifles, chain flags, etc.
These groups also often wear fairly skintight or showy uniforms (but still in many cases modest compared to the cheerleaders), and they may wear a lot of makeup and glitter so that their faces are not washed out under the lights on a football field. These performers enhance the band's music with their routines and make halftime shows much more interesting.
1) -"hey, you're wearing a skirt, are you a cheerleader?"
-"No, I'm on the colorguard and it freakin' rocks!"
2) The colorguard and band performed at the halftime show.
3) -"Those band kids are such dorks!"
-"Better watch what you say, man. That girl over there is in colorguard and she'll kick your ass if she hears you diss her friends."
by andriod5 September 29, 2005
a group of girls that never really wanted to be a cheerleader. not always "over weight cows" as some people say, and almost never whores or sluts. i have personally been in colorguard for 5 years. i am underweight and i dress conservativly, ask any one. there are some times guard guys but they are often rare, especially in high school guards, they are not always gay but a good percent of them are. if you insult them by saying that they are just wanna bees or whores then be afraid, be very afraid. they can show up any where at any time and the marching band has their backs.
Ashley/ Cheerleader: can you believe that colorguard girl you know she just wants to be on the squad. she'd never make it, she doesn't have the talent.
*Jen overhears her and tells the rest of the guard and marching band*

Next day

by colorwheel360 May 30, 2007
an amazing sport, yes it is a sport, which incorporates dance, aerobics, gymnastics, drill, and also spins different weapons like rifle and sabre, also flags. the colorguard is an excessive feature to the marching band in the field season and just helps them boost their visual effect scores. the true competition lies in winterguard (see wgi) they compete in different divisions and the very best ones take it all the way to nationals.

if your high school's cheerleading and dance teams were any good, why don't they compete internationally like the school's winterguard? that's what i thought

the colorguards are like a family, they spend hours upon hours to have the perfect practice. so you hear colorguard girls are fat? you're completely wrong. that might have been the case ages back, but winterguard has evolved. the members of the guards are in completely tip top shape and working out is even a part of their practice. the guys on the team, some may be gay, but some are not, either way, they are major contributions to the team and they are always amazing!

i'm sure you haters out there would not even survive one practice of winterguard
some guys: what's going on in here
spectator: it's a colorguard/winterguard competition
some guys: damnnnnn, look at those girls, how come we never knew of this sport before
by jjjjjjjjjjj February 21, 2008
an intense sport for girls and guys who's gpa and sat scores are too high to be cheerleaders.



"Why don't they spell out marching band?"< colorguard member

"too long for them." colorguard member 2
by unknown guard member June 16, 2007
1.)The most amazing, breathtaking experience ever!
2.) what real dancers do
3.) you make friends for life!!
I wish I were as cool as the PVHS colorguard
by acacia July 17, 2006
a really fun activity that girls and boys participate in to help get the band a better score!!!!!!!!
with out the guard it would just be a band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by metal maiden February 17, 2005
The only activity where your proffesor can legaly yell at the top of his/her lungs: "WORK THE POLE!!!!"
While marching and spinning the colorguard hears a faint voice above the marching band:

by maplebar December 06, 2010

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