A combination of smiling, determination, pretty colors, pain, jazz running, hard work, dancing, staying in step, endurance, muscle, tight clothing, flags, rifles, sabres, spinning, tossing, makeup, counting, angles, intense heat, freezing cold, band camp, talent, practice, precision, music, visuals, beauty, inside jokes, friends, and total awesomeness.
The color guard is the pretty part of the band.
by guardgirl505 August 24, 2010
Something that adds color and life into half time shows. I've seen shows without it and it's just not the same. Being part of it is a LOT harder than you would think. I was in it freshman year of high school and it was the hardest thing I did. It's a very rewarding sport and requires some skill. It is often made fun of and thought to be useless. They seem to believe that all we do is twirl our flags, but it is really MUCH more than that. We spin flags, rifles and sabers while marching and keeping smiles on our faces. Not only that, but there is also dance weaved into it. If you make your team, be prepared for multiple injuries, but also one of the best experiences.
During my year of Color guard, I hit my lip twice with my flag and rifle. I hit my funny bone multiple times and hit myself in the stomach trying to toss my flag above my head (the name of the move escapes me). But I came out feeling more responsible and feeling a lot better about myself in general. It really is a one of a kind experience.
by IloveCG April 29, 2011
A section of the marching band that spins/tosses a variety of different "weapons" including sabers, rifles, flags, and air blades. Generally gets made fun of by members of the winds and drum line. Guard members are the only ones who can describe how it feels to toss high into the air and catch perfectly, while staying in step and looking pretty. Because really, that's the only point of the guard; to look good.
Angry band member: "I hate color guard. They're always in the way, and they have it so easy. Everyone knows they only join because they suck at their instrument and aren't good enough to be on the cheer squad or dance team."

Guard member: "Hello, we have to run around you guys the entire parade, have practices twice as long as yours and three times as often. I play first chair on sax along with french horn and clarinet, AND I'm on the varsity cheerleading and dance teams. Piss off."
by Theangryspinner June 26, 2010
you guys didnt even begin to touch the surface of what color guard is.
performance quality isnt just smiling. you gotta be angry or sad or alter-ego or whatever fits the music.
tosses are the hardest.
you have to do ballet.
you have to point your feet
you have to remember drill.
you have to spin. sabers. flags. rifles.
you have to survive band camp.
you have to not only be cold, but burning hot.
you have to make the losing team your colorguarding for look good.
you have to put up with the band until winter guard.
and thats all the negatives.
you can see your beautiful flags in action while watching playbacks.
you can get friends with other colorguard folk.
you have something to do.
its rewarding.
its pretty.
its a sport.
and thats all i can think of.

i spin for west orange n and we are beasts. better then you losers.

color guard is the act of spinning flags sabres and rifles while dancing (ballet) and remembering drill during fall season. its a hard yet rewarding thing and its absolutley amazing,
by the best chick on w.o flag line. September 21, 2007
another phrase for "free drama classes" that gives twenty highly disturbed teenage girls access to long poles, sabre's, rifle's, and the ability to kick their faces with their legs. basically, if you really want to die, go tell one of the girls that they remind you of an old cheerleading buddy. they'll go tai chi on ur ass.
Joe: Whoa... dude... did you see that gaurdie shove that flag up that guys ass? he must've cheated on her or something.
Frank: AHHH! cover your balls man... they're coming towards us with sabre's!
Joe: Oh no... my artificial leg just broke... go on without me... SAVE YOURSELF!!!!!!
by Big Mac May 21, 2004
Color guard is the definition of passion. It is being able to stand at attention for what feels like forever, hold a pose because one girl dropped her's, pushing through to the end, dropping your toss and getting right back in and smiling like nothing ever happened, and most of all color guard is going onto the field and performing your heart out for the judges. Yeah, it's hard, thats why it's only for the tough ones.
DAMN, thats a good color guard.
by ....:D...... October 03, 2010
This is an organization of skilled females and/or males that learn countless marching drills, twirl flags, rifles, sabers or other items in time with music from the band or to drum solo's. They spend countless days during the summer in the heat on asphalt learning drills, marching for hours on to produce a show that usually last about 10 minutes. They can throw their item of choice up to 10 feet in the air and as the item is in the air it spins in rotation to land back in the hands of the person who threw it or to another person it was thrown to. Some guard people can even spin around while said item is in the air before they catch this item. WGI- most of the people in band and guard are honor students and/or straight A students.
by Firefighter Mom December 05, 2010
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