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1. A true test of physical strength and ability.
2. The only place where you can legally flip it, whip it, and strip it!
Oooh! Shiny flags...
by Musically-Transmitted-Disease March 29, 2005
1. A sport that kicks brass!
2. The people who GRACIOUSLY allow the football team to play at our out door concerts.
3. The only place where fingering isn't dirty (lol).
4. (For the Sousaphones) Talent that weighs eighty pounds.
5. Blood, sweat, and metronomes.
6. A true test of ability and strength.
7. The best combination of blowing, tounging, fingering, and percussion!
8. Life.
9. (MTD) A Musically Transmitted Disease.
10. Hardcore (or Hardcorps!)
11. The best experience of my life!
12.(Just for the trumpets) We rule the Marching Band, next stop...the world!
This one time at band camp...
by Musically-Transmitted-Disease March 29, 2005

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