When you say, "It's not a drop, it's a floor catch!"
Girl 1: Hey, I think I wanna do color guard next year.
Girl 2: Fo shizzle mah nigga.
by soulfaithful January 10, 2009
A section in marching bands that adds visual effect and serious awesomeness. They use flags (usually six feet tall), sabres, rifles, and ocassionally props. They are COMPLETELY SEPARATE FROM CHEERLEADING. Seriously. No connection.
Colorguard girl: *does quad*
Band member:
AHHH!!! You almost killed me!!
Colorguard girl:
by choirperson February 14, 2009
The most amaxing thing ever. Working as hard as you can for 20 hours a week to become amazing. It Means giving up your Saturdays, preforming your heart out, and being with the people you love. Its means busting yours to kick thiers. Its Life. Its for those short minutes when you are on the floor and nothing esle matters. It for being so captivated, so amazed, and so dramatic. Its why we do what we do.
Did you see the colorguard?
OMG! Werent they amazing!

(they totally are the entertainment- skip the band!)
by Caitlin~* February 19, 2007
Hard work, blood, sweat and tears. Don't care about the haters because they don't know crap and most of of the girls are skinny get it straight bitches. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
Did you see those colorguard guys from the Concord Blue Devils toss that ensemble nine on rifle? I did. Bitch.
by secretagentpterradactyl November 28, 2009
An amazing sport where Girls and sometimes Guys spin flags, rifles, and sabres. They ARE NOT all fat. They ARE NOT rejects of the dance team or cheeleading squads. When they play instruments during non-marching band season they are kick ass. colorguard is amazing. Band knows not to say something they are gonna regret if a guard girl finds out. They make the band look good
percussionist: why do we even have a Colorguard? gay
*colorguard walks onto field, everyone cheers*

band director: thats why
by guardgirl2013 September 16, 2009
1. A group of usually 4 people who, at it's most basic level, guard the "colors" (American flag, other flags). They are usually featured at a military ceremony and are dressed in military uniform.
2. A section of a marching band/drum corps that adds "razzle dazzle" and showmanship to the band. They use flags, sabres, and dummy rifles, which they toss, twirl, and spin, often dropping said equipment. They usually wear a different outfit than the band. They are one of the most hardworking sections of the band.
2. The marching band appreciates the color guard for all the hard work they do.
by dvdwinter9 January 13, 2007
+. an amazing activity where great choreography movements and the use of a flag, sabre, or rifle make an excellent show.

+. takes lots of practice.

+. have to learn how to march, jazz run, stay on count, memorize every movement, be prepared for the worst, get to places in a limited amount of counts, toss, drop-spins, plus be graceful during it all.

+. being a guardie is a great part of life. i wouldnt trade it for anything.

+. i dont know if id call it a sport. we do compete just like cheerleaders. so i suppose if cheerleading is a sport so is guard.
wow! did you see that guardie? she was amazing!
by guardie-girl July 13, 2004
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