A very, very deceptively alcoholic cocktail that is can be concocted quite feasibly with cheap vodka but also works excellently with a more high-class vodka such as Absolut and Absolut Citron. Yummy.

The basis of this cocktail is lemon, and the cocktail itself is made by grabbing a big, tall glass and filling it with ice. (You've gotta have it chilled baby!) Then, you squeeze a whole load of Lemons into the bottom of the glass, adding a tonne of Vodka, Lemonade, and topping off with a Lemon Slice. So, basically, it's gonna get you destroyed because you can't even taste the Vodka in it.

What happens is that you drink one, and that's already two shots of Vodka right there, but you can't taste it, so you have a couple more, you still fell OK, so you end up having five Collins, and then when you try to leave, oh, you can't feel your legs. Oops.

Revered in many circles because, even though real men are supposed to drink Budweiser and other generic Lagers, a Collins is much more impressive as a measure of how much alcohol you can handle.
1. "What are you drinking tonight Mikey? Beer, like a real man?"
"Er...No. I think I'm on the Collins' tonight. Yeah, Lemon-fresh."
"Good GOD!!"

2.(after 5 Collins')..."Come on Toni, I've got the munchies, time to go."
"Yeah...(mumbles)... cooooo...BANG!(Falls on floor.)"

3. "What the hell are you doing with that Tesco Value Vodka?"
"Making Collins'."
by Aaron R. Bourn November 23, 2005
heartbreaker. he tells you sweet things and then hurts you
Girl 1 omg he said he loved me!!! Then he mad me cry for five hours.

Girl 2 Lemme guess...his names Collin...
Girl 1 YA!! how'd u know?
Girl 2 If hes a hearbreaker...then hes a Collin.
by me1234567654321 April 05, 2010
To "collins" is to give up and quit, or to bail out. When you "collins" on someone this means that you have made a previous agreement to fullfill, and instead of fullfilling the agreement you abandon your friend(s).

== Etymology ==

From a man "Collins" who self proclaimed being originated in Yensdale. After various attempts of advocating "Collins" to not give up or bail on his friends, they deemed him as un-helpable and used his name in a negative manner from there on.
I'm going to have to collins on you tonight. I'm going to spend time with my lame girlfriend instead of go to the bar with you tonight, even though I previously said I would go to the bar with you tonight.

by Bill Labeer September 27, 2006
collin is most of the time a toolbag with no life.
collin has no friends and cant get a girl friend.
collin is a wannaB and a poser.
collin normaly has a really cool brother who steels all of his luster and the people in his grade thinks his brother is cooler then him.
kid 1 "that kid is such a collin"
kid 2 "who are u talking about"
kid 1 " the kid who lots like a toolbag"
kid 2 "ooooo now i know who your talking about"
kid 1 yeah but that kid may be a tool but his brother is pretty cool"
kid 2 " yeah i think i might hang out with the toolbags brother"
kid 1 " same the tools brother looks like a cameron"
kid 2 " i know its awsome he looks like a beast"
by anti_toolbag November 01, 2010
One of those people that's always at the party even though no one actually likes or invited them. Someone that people are nice to in person but talk shit about after they leave.
guy 1: shit hes coming this way.
guy 2: damn, what the hell is he doing here?!
guy 1: that dick is totally pulling a collins! quick wave so we don't hurt his feelings.
by urbabysdaddy December 10, 2007
Someone who every one asks for directions and computer based knowledge; creepy at times; likes to hump random things
What kind of porn are you looking at?? Nana juice? Don't be a Collin.
by VagBeav September 09, 2006
A stuck up jerk. Thinks he's cool, he's not. Unless he's a girl, then that's a pretty messed up name for a girl. Collin's are usually blond and obnoxious. Watch out or you're guaranteed a headache worth a lifetime.
"Can't he just shut up?"
"Probably not, I think he's a Collin"
by iPwnYouEpicly February 18, 2010

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