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The most beautiful girls in the world, men fall at their feet and women would kill themselves to look like them. Where ever they walks it is as if time stands still and no one can tear their eyes from them. their beauty is almost beyond description. But they have many faults, they are proud, haughty, cold and manipulative, they will hurt you just for fun. However they are allways successful in what ever they do and their beauty is immortal. The poets will sing it throughout the ages, they will inspire artists and musicians, and their talents will far surpass others . They will never grow old, and will stay branded on your mind and heart forever.
person1: last night i think my heart stopped when i saw this girl she was so beautiful yet so cold.
person2: there is only one type of girl like that an annabelle
by Roseonfiresex December 23, 2008
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That hawt piece of sexy (: I wanna be an Annabelle, their really dope with mad style (;
That Annabelle is cute .
by Wtf betch . February 16, 2010
Smart, Hot, Beautiful, Sexy, every girl would LOVE to be her every guy wants to date her this CHIC is amazing. She is so loving aka she is the best girlfriend! She is successful is what ever she does, and she is so kind but, If you mess with her or you will regret it... BIG TIME! Did i mention she BEAUTIFUL??? X)
GIRL: That girl is such an Annabelle--- I WISH I WAS HER.

GUY: Dude I wish Annabelle was my boyfriend she is so beautiful and nice!!!
by Cupcakegirl177 November 29, 2011
Annabelle describes a female of angelic appearance. Her hair, by nature, is like 24 karat gold silk. She has pure alabaster skin, and eyes which are a stunning contrast. They are deep, dark, soulful orbs that seem all-knowing and inviting. An Annabelle is steadfast to the extreme. She is a survivor of epic proportions, and is well known for her graceful endurance and positive attitude in the face of danger. An Annabelle is once in a lifetime... A girl who anyone would be fortunate to know. She is the epitome of beauty and strength coexisting in one being.
When I picture Heaven, I see myself surrounded by Annabelles.
by ilovemyann February 26, 2014
Smart, Talented, Creative.
Seems like someone you could never approach but in reality she is actually real nice and wont try to make you feel bad
Is a concourse of Anime and video games, Is a huge fan of Rooster teeth.
In her free time she Draws her OTPs and favorite characters
"Annabelle is so totally swaggin in the baggin!"


"Pairs of three"
by Piro.Mc.Daniel January 08, 2014
The hottest, most sexiest, most amazing, most brilliant girl you will ever set your eyes on. When you see her your heart stops and you are instantly drawn to her, but that is all part of her game. She is very dangerous and breaks a lot of hearts, but still men are drawn to her.

you cannot live without her, she is too freaking awesome. she is simply a hot piece of cake.
check out that girl! She is... beautiful and sexy at the same time! I need that woman.

I met a girl last night she was such an annabelle, she was SO perfect and hot
by macandcheesebae May 19, 2014
1. Name of a girl common in English speaking countries.
2. Pull an Annabelle - to cancel plans with someone because better plans became available.
I can't believe George, he pulled an Annabelle on me. We were suppose to see a movie tonight. On the last minute he canceled saying he is going to a club with his friends from work
by fleaflicker January 08, 2011

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