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English way of describing the way you feel when ill, mainly in conjunction with a hangover! Being a very low point at that time....a trough. Being in a trough is not nice at all.
" Butler is in a trough as he hasn't finished his Strongbow"
by Russell Williams December 02, 2005
When you're having a low moment.

Just like a graph, there are peaks, and troughs, nobody wants to trough

Includes: poor performance, embarrassment, mistakes.
Ah last night I was troughing, I was sick and everything. MAJOR TROUGH.
by Wkd_Kid_2K11 December 22, 2011
A state of extreme blocked-ness following the consumption of an exceedingly large amount of hard alcoholic beverages (eg. fruit shoot, ribena). There comes a stage when you tip over into the trough. If deep in the trough you will find it hard to escape and may have to accept the inevitable night of memory-less carnage. The trough can be a happy place but also a deep dark jungle of vomitting and tonguing fattys.
"Sweet mother of God in heaven! ! I was so far down in the trough last night...I very much regret licking that hobo's face. Still had a good night, legend! ;("

"Hope eivissa has a 10m platform as I'll be swan diving into the trough"
by dirtymike1990 December 08, 2013
The trough is a name for the police station, named because the police are referred to as pigs.
Look at all those pigs at the trough.
by abcdefghi76543 July 12, 2015
A really mean name for a vagina.
Bitch! You couldnt pay me to fuck that trough!
by Adam Harigast February 02, 2005
1. a buffet or food bar at a shitty restaurant
2. a long urinal usually found at stadiums, which are wide enough for many men to piss at once; often continuously flushing
1. We went to Ryan's, and we each had the trough.
2. The Ted is nice, but I miss the community feel of the trough at Atlanta-Fulton County stadium.
by Nick Victim April 29, 2004
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