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guy: hey, whats code geass?

Alien guy: WTF?! you dont know code geass??!?!!! that anime is a masterpiece!!!
by Spinzaku August 19, 2008
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Code Geass is the anime that all anime look up to. It has beautiful girls, mechas, explosions (Michael Bay approved), a plot that, if you attempt to spam watch the whole 2 seasons + bonus episodes and movies, will melt your brain with how awesome, slightly confusing, and how beautifully portrayed all the characters emotions and development come together. In short, Code Geass is awesomeness squared to the power of infinity.
Stranger 1: Hey, so, uh, by any chance do you watch Code Geass?
Both Stranger 1, and Stranger 2 start fanboying/girling all over the place.
by Attempting Gentleman October 10, 2014
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Code Geass is an anime about a young student who receives a mysterious power from a strange girl. With this power, he avenges to change the world and punish those who kick the weak and powerless.

I'm sorry I'm being vague, but I don't want to include any spoilers by giving names or locations and whatnot.

It's a Fantastic show. One might even say a work of art. I highly recommend it.
Random person on street: Check out that show Code Geass, it's amazing!
by KidOfCorpulence February 03, 2009
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Full name: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Japan gets invaded by the Brittannian Empire and Japan is now renamed as Area 11. Young Lelouch, a Brittannian student, gets caught up in a terrorist attack against Brittannia, reuniting with his childhood friend Suzaku. Lelouch also meets the mysterious green-haired girl, C.C. Lelouch accepts a mysterious power C.C. offers to him. Lelouch, using the new power, wages a war against the Brittannian Empire, attempting to destroy the Empire.
Code Geass, Death Note, only with mechas.
by MisaTange April 17, 2010
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A mecha anime that started out decent, hooked its audience with bad ass robot fights through season 1 and the beginning of season 2, before ending up a trainwreck by its finale. Also know for gay innuendo between male characters, boodle CLAMP characters, unlimited fan services works, table fucking, lolicon China-man, border line incest, Spinning kicks, homicidal ethnic cleansing princess, questionable sublimal shot at either the U.S. or Britain, world where the word 11 replaces the word gook, and shameless pizza hut advertisement.
Code Geass R2 was filmed in front of a live studio audience of fangirls, loli cons. Brought to you in part by Pizza Hut
by Lester Molester Cockenschtuff December 03, 2009
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