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Someone who is, and always will be, better than you.
Random guy: "Dammit, this is the 9001st time I've lost; can't you at least let me win one?"

Lelouch: "No."
by Grammar-Nazi #108801 July 14, 2009
Badass protagonist from the anime series Code Geass + Code Geass R2. Willing to kill others to achieve his goal of destroying the empire of britannia. Has command of the power 'geass' to make others obay his every command.
Lelouch: And now, i order you, all of you, DIE!

Geass'd Guardsmen: YES, YOUR HIGHNESS

*commence suicide*
by SageSangres August 31, 2008
The only man that can have the best grades in the school, not study, be school-board vice president, kill his parents, rule a country, die, and live to tell the tale.
Lelouch...'Nuff said
by Suzalulu January 09, 2013
Anti-hero of the series, Code Geass and Code Geass: R2. Contracted with C.C. to obtain the Geass of obedience where those under the effect of Geass are to obey him regardlessly. At the last episode, he dies in order to purge the world from evil. (This is referenced from the magazine Code Geass is created from. They have officiated that Lelouch is dead because his name is on their "Dead" list.)
Lelouch vi Brittania commands you, "Die!"

by Lelouch vi Brittania March 10, 2009
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