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Narm is a term used on the website TV Tropes for anything that attempts to achieve some kind of dramatic effect but, whether because of poor writing or poor acting, tends to instead be unintentionally humorous rather than dramatic.

The term comes from the show "Six Feet Under." During the climax of its last season, its main character is stricken by a brain embolism. As he suffers from the effects of his sudden seizure, he begins yelling the words "Numb arm," quickly slurring it into a single syllable.
I really love 24, but that scene where Jack yells, 'WHERE'S THE FOOTBALL!?' over and over is just full of narm. I couldn't stop laughing!
by maikeru l. nishikawa July 19, 2010
Six Feet Under reference from the eppy where Nate suffers a brain seizure:
"My arm is numb. Numb arm. Narm. NARM!" - Nate
Who'll be the next to narm?
I feel like I'm going to narm today.
by wiccakid August 24, 2005
Narm is short for Pecknarm.

Pecknarm is slang for Peckham in South London.

The nickname for Peckham is Vietnarm, due to its high crime rate and gang violence.

Pecknarm is made by mixing 'Peckham' and 'Vietnarm' together:

PECKham + vietNARM = PECKNARM .... or 'NARM for short.

Other places ending in 'ham (eg: Tottenham) are *not* Narm. Only Peckham is.
A: Where you from?

B: I'm from Narm...

A: Where's that?

A: Peckham.. South London
by Don Trapstar May 25, 2009
a curious expletive that occasionally precedes one having part of their brain explode. This phenomenon, interestingly, also seems to correlate to one's previously having had sex with Quakers named Maggie.
Maggie: What's wrong?
Nate: Numb arm... numb arm... narm! NARM!
by Lia and Molly August 24, 2005
this word stems from an event occuring in the HBO series six feet under. In the show it stems from the words numb arm, but in slang use today it is used as an adj. meaning morbidly cool/extreme.
dude, that's so narm!!
by xtkbx August 22, 2005
A nickname for the council estate behemoth that is the town of Dagenham. Vietnam and Dagenham share the same word ending, but the sounding is different.

Short for 'Vietnarm', a literal spelling of the british pronounciation of that silly old war in the 60s and 70s.

Used because parts of Dagenham represent war torn Hanoi.
"You weren't there man, Vietnam destroyed the soul of many a young man"

"I know what you mean pal, mate Dave who lives in the narm got his benefit stopped so now he's gotta cut down on his ciggies. He's never been the same since."
by Dagenhamite February 14, 2012
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