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A cult 80s TV show featuring Chromakey blue screen, a 'Dungeoneer' is guided around the dungeon by 3 'advisors'. Ran on Citv (Childrens ITV) from 1987-1994. The rights to the series are owned by satellite channel 'Challenge' who regularly reshow all 8 series.
Did you see Series 3 of Knightmare in 1989?
by Ringmasterrob September 14, 2004
Large robots that are piloted by humans in the anime series Code Geass, that have replaced the army tank, and all of which look like the Transformers.
While they may look cool at first, knightmares are not as awsome as a transformer.
by Lloyd Asplund June 29, 2009
A bad dream that The Dark Rises won't live up to expectations.
"I just dreamed Channing Tatum replaced Christian Bale in The Dark Knight Rises... it was a Knightmare!
by Denwy March 11, 2011
Master of all. Owns the pimps, pimpettes, sluts, ho's, whores. Master of Master of Kat_3y3z.
* Kat_3y3z wipes a little off of her chin
<Kat_3y3z> sorry,
<Kat_3y3z> missed my mouth
<Knightmare> Yeah, I did.
by Knightmare August 22, 2004
Admin who was second in the tourny and is an admin on GRITS' Ricochet site.
Sup KM Nice Shot
by Wanksta January 19, 2004
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