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Marijuana or Weed, most commonly found around New Brunswick Canada, Usually in the town shediac. Has a very distinct color and is pretty mediocre compared to the other "name-brand" weeds so to say. Now i'm not saying it's not good weed because it gets me baked as fck.
Ben: Dude i just picked up a quarter in Shediac!
Me: R2?

Ben: What else?
by iNeedSomeE October 26, 2010
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The Best floor ever in Humber College Residence. It is also accompanied by R1.

The people who reside on R1 and R2 are more of a family then any other floor in the whole establishment.

They are party animals who drink a lot and know what a good time looks like.

Others may call them the "sluts that break everything" but they are the most honest caring love and amazing people you will ever meet.
R2 Examples will be given when you find us and party with us.
by MommaR2 October 04, 2011
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To be quite, or to try to silence people

Originating from the video game Madden football, where pressing R2 would motion the player to silence the crowds
"Dude that party was so bumping, I had to R2 some people before the neighbors called the cops."

Me-"fuck dude, R2."
by Jesse Lacey February 18, 2008
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