Top Definition
1. A woman who is both crippled and blind, and cannot resist the urge to have sex with everyone she meets.

2. A blind whore.

3. Sister to the main character of Code Geass, Lelouch.
See that girl over there? *Points in window of childrens hospital* Totally a Nunnally
by MeGustaFace April 19, 2011
1.A moon cricket who goes home every night and beats to dog on cat porn.
2. A tree swingin, spooked ass, jungle bunny, shadow smurf who licks a Davis dildo, every night before going outside naked and giving himself 40 lashes with a switch.
"I know your depressed man but please don't be a Nunnally"
"Naw man, that mojigger is such a Nunnally!"
by joe anonymous October 12, 2007
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