An amazing AC/DC song
stands for care of the devil
"C.O.D. - care of the devil
C.O.D. - the devil in me
C.O.D. - care of the devil
Care of the devil in me"
by Neemer March 25, 2006
"Creepy Older Dude"

1) An older guy (and complete creeper) that likes high school or college aged girls.

2) Some old guy that adds random teenage/early 20's women to their Facebook friends list that he doesn't know.
That COD sent me a friend request of Facebook and I have no clue who he is.
by ilikemenmyage November 21, 2009
Call of Duty/Best FPS known to man
CoD Pwnz Joo u stupid nub!
by Bob January 20, 2004
A north atlantic fish
mr fish and chips man, can i have a large portion of cod please, with chips. thanks.
by David D. Davegay November 04, 2003
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