A type of game that girls don't play!! Call of Duty
COD Modern Warfare, COD Modern Warfare 2, COD UO
by $nip3r May 01, 2010
Call of duty..the best video game you will ever imagine
Let's go kick ass in some
by Wyeudjeheuehdbdhaks May 08, 2010
The best thing known to man.
If she gave me an AC130 and Chopper Gunner tonight, I would turn cod off.
by Panda Express123 March 30, 2010
Call of Duty/Best FPS known to man
CoD Pwnz Joo u stupid nub!
by Bob January 20, 2004
A north atlantic fish
mr fish and chips man, can i have a large portion of cod please, with chips. thanks.
by David D. Davegay November 04, 2003
CoD stands for Cootie On Demand....which refers to having someone you can call on or text for adult activities, with an extremely high percentage that a successful meeting will occur.

Also DoD for the ladies.
"By lacking an active sex life right now, I wish I had some CoD right about now."
by Infynynt1 March 25, 2009
Call of Duty.
One of the greatest FPS ever made. It is a war game where you blow shit up and shoot shit.
codlover08: Dude lets play some CoD!
CoDwarrior1984: fuck yea. lets do that shit. i'll kick your ass.
by JohnDoe? November 30, 2008

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