Acronym for cash on deck.
I’m such a down homey, it’s like having C.O.D.: I get what I want without money. People are eager and enthusiastic to due/do favors for me.
by creep guy ie February 21, 2011
A FEMALE human whose bodily physique resembles that of Rush Limbaugh, Rosie O'Donnell, or a (Harley-Davidson) biker's wife. Pseudo-females such as these are characteristically known for having a double chin. The behavioral basis of these over-fed bovines lies in their aspiration to seduce, mate with, and otherwise deceive a male human with proximate cash reserves, into committing to a state-sanctioned relationship in order to acquire their victim's material possessions. Cods are taxonomically classified according to their excessive surplus of glut, and their ability to deceive their victims by cooking them scrumptious meals.
1. Oh my Fuck! Can you believe the wattle on that Cod's throat?!

2. Holy shit that rich douche is totally dating a Cod! She must be a good cook.

3. I bet he make-believes squeezing her wattle is like actually squeezing titties!
by Rat-Keeper September 09, 2012
College of DuPage- also known as the college of dreams.
Has some really hot football players and good parties. For burnouts, partiers, people who didn't take highschool seriousely, and people who like to drink, but also the studious.
U go to C.O.D.?
yea man that shit is just like highschool except you can smoke.
by kbabyyy January 13, 2009

Acronym for cash on deck: Having cash on standby.
Being a down homey, is like having C.O.D.: You get what you want without money. People are eager and enthusiastic to due/do favors for you.
by creepy guy ie February 25, 2011
when a male or shemale is describing the game he/shemale is playing or will be playing. it means to fuck very hard day. COD is a very important day of the year if your catholic you will celibrate it often specially priests play SPOAH kinda like noah but its small penises over anal holes, yes it means fuck little boys.
yo bro im going over lisas to play some COD, do you wana come and play with me?
by jesusfollower April 06, 2011
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