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Acronym for cash on deck: Having cash on standby.
Being a down homey, is like having C.O.D.: You get what you want without money. People are eager and enthusiastic to due/do favors for you.
by creepy guy ie February 25, 2011
0 4
cause of death
On the last Bones episode, Dr. Brennan identified the cod as a skull fracture.
by Bones<3er November 29, 2009
38 42
Short for "Call of Duty"
Tom: Dude let's play COD.
Bob: OK.
by not a fish September 05, 2012
0 5
when a male or shemale is describing the game he/shemale is playing or will be playing. it means to fuck very hard day. COD is a very important day of the year if your catholic you will celibrate it often specially priests play SPOAH kinda like noah but its small penises over anal holes, yes it means fuck little boys.
yo bro im going over lisas to play some COD, do you wana come and play with me?
by jesusfollower April 06, 2011
3 9
Short for 'Creepy Old Dudes"
Example: Eww see those CODs over there checking you out, how old are they?
by Tessa and Rachel are sweet June 21, 2009
8 15
call of duty
my stupid boyfriend played cod all damn night and never called me!
by cod hater November 23, 2009
54 62
The guy at work, who does fuck all as a manager - umms and arrrhs when you talk to him, like a cod out of water. Never answers your emails and evades responsibility, does changes without telling you - like a slippery fish.
Worker 1: That fucking cod has fucked up again !!!
Worker 2: What a useless cod.
by codAtWorkHater February 04, 2010
10 19