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A cocksucker is a woman who believes that cock rules the world. She puts it above her children and other women. She's a "sucker" because she buys into that cock-a-doddle-do-shit; she also literally and figuratively loves to suck cock...morning, noon, and night.
Tommy gets the first slice of pie, Joey gets the second, and you can have the crumbs Suzy.

(What a cocksucker!)
by TheLollipopKid April 19, 2011
Cheesy is that cartoon character with the smile that goes "ting." Cheesy is the waiter that says, "I'll get you ladies your beers right away," and you think wow, he's great. Twenty minutes later you're waving him down to see if you can get your beers already. All show, no go; no substance. Pure tinsel.
Jordan sure is cheesy. He said he'd get on it right away. That was two weeks ago, and I still haven't heard from him.
by TheLollipopKid April 19, 2011
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