1. A description of sex that surpasses "dirty", "nasty", "freaky", and "kinky". based on 2nd definition.

2. A dirty prank pulled during drunken sex by males who are predominately considered dirty punk-rockers and are self-proclaimed scumbags. When the time seems right, the male sticks his thumb in his mouth and then pulls it out and puts it forcefully into the females butt while screaming "COBRAAAAAA!!!". This was the battle cry of COBRA (the badguys) in the cartoon "G.I. Joe". The main goal of this is to proclaim to everyone else in the house/area that you just jammed yer thumb in the butt of a girl who was not expecting it. Hilarity often ensues. Tough, scummy punk-rock broads often hit people over this or do it right back. Got you a free COBRA tattoo at one point in columbus, oh.
ex for 1: I cobra-ed the hell outta that girl last night and she loved it. bet she goes home and washes with bleach but doesn't stop smiling.

ex for 2: My old lady won't let me have a threesome because last time i tried to slip them both the cobra while i was getting head and most of my friends were downstairs.
by CobraHouse April 24, 2006
Top Definition
Someone (normally a boy) who flirts intensively with the opposite sex by acting like a prick and follows them round everywhere.
He's such a Cobra, I feel sorry for that girl she just can't escape.

That Cobra is at it again, attention seeking and trying to show off infront of her
by The Bounty Cobra Hunter December 16, 2012
A slang word for a Colt King Cobra .357 magnum. Often called a Cobra on the streets.
"Hit him with that cobra
Now that boy slumped over
They do it all for Sosa"
-Love Sosa - Chief Keef
by yipyo December 10, 2012
A bad ass character from a bad ass movie, the 1986 action film Cobra, starring Sylvester Stallone as Cobra. In that movie Cobra is a bad ass who wears Fingerless gloves and eats pizza with scissors.
Cobra is such an awesome movie because of the character Cobra. There should have been sequels to Cobra, because Cobra was such an awesome character.
by Cocktail Sauce #1 August 27, 2009
The highest trim level available on a Mustang. (excluding Saleen, Roush, Steeda, etc.) The latest version of which, is capable of 390 HP... STOCK. The Cobra project began in 1993 with the first SVT (Special Vehicle Team) product being a fox body Mustang (five liter), which came stock with about 260 HP. In 1996, the 4.6 liter engine was debuted. The car made 305 horsepower. The cars stayed about the same, with mild performance gains until 2003, when the 'Terminator' was made available to the public.
The new Cobra has 390 HP, and 390 Ft. Lbs. of tourqe. Three 2003 Cobras make as much tourqe as nine Acura Integra Type R's.
by Bitchin Kitchen June 25, 2003
The cobra is a sexual manueveur performed by a female when she sticks her hand down a man's pants, touches his penis and then quickly brings her hands out. The cobra is often performed in a sequence of five or six. The result: blue balls.
"Man, martha just did the cobra again my balls hurt!"
"No, don't go for her she's into the cobra"
by Jacque S November 22, 2005
The Terrorist organization constantly beat by the G.I. Joes led by the notorious Cobra Commander and Destro.
Cobra is behind every international problem.
by FFA September 22, 2005
When someone leaves a crap in the toilet without flushing. Especially when the top of the log is upright and above the water line, looking like a cobra waiting to strike. Also known as a Toilet Viper.
Some dude left a cobra in the john!
by JT15588 January 13, 2009
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