Refers to maryjuana that's smoked in Alaska. The term started as an inside joke, but now widely used as a reference to really really good weed.
"You got that Cobra?"
by Chief Cobra July 09, 2009
A male "Cougar" if you will. One who preys upon a much younger person of sexual interest.
Before you know it, that silly Cobra is gonna be buyin you a margarita.
by Dan K)) July 11, 2008
A badass beautiful female who has it all.
Matt -"Damn did you see that girl?"

Dan -"Yeah she's a cobra you have no chance."
by crunkgee. July 13, 2009
a cobra shaped marijuana pipe that hides easily and can be referred to rather casually. a favorite among professional cooks.
hey dude, got any cobra food? cobras gotta eat. Cobraaaa!
by cobracon November 01, 2007
A word used by a person who is drunk, to mean sober.
You're at the distinct advantage of being cobra!

You are too cobra, drink some more.
by Cobratalia November 04, 2007
a relatively large black man in top physical condition with a substantial amount of money; king of the jungle; impervious to the female gender except under the circumstances of out of state females; known for his sexual luster & his sly stealthy ability to escape any love palace at any means necessary including jumping out of windows; is of human origin but renders a huge elephant dick- the elephant dick makes them hoes sick; mating call can be heard throughout all 50 states
1: yeah, i fucked this bitch
2: nice, wheres she from
1: Milwaukee, wisconsin
2: how'd ya do that when you live in jersey?
1: easy, i cobra'd her
by jonny2277 January 17, 2011
*A slang term referring to a man's penis.

*The main enemy of the GI Joe storyline; a heavily-armed, highly-trained, highly-disciplined, ruthless terrorist organization, operating under the guise of various civilian firms, whose ultimate goal is world domination. Their leader is Cobra Commander.

*The Boss's unit in Metal Gear Solid 3 : Snake Eater, consisting of The Pain, The Fury, The Fear, The Sorrow, and The End. Considered by many to be very unoriginal on KCEJ's part.
-battle-cry of the Cobra unit in GI Joe.
by Dave September 28, 2004
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