1.A really awesome and fast car made by Carrol Shelby. It is actually an AC Ace modified to accomodate a massive 427 cubic-inch engine..

2.A type of poisonous snake that is characterized by a hood. Some can spit their venom.

3.The world's first helicopter devoted to a role of attack. It is currently used by the US Marine Corps as the AH-1W "super" or "whiskey" cobra.
1.My cobra will smoke your tuned ricer with ease.

2.Cobras are venomous. I wouldn't agitate one.

3.When the Cobra flew in, it owned all those Iraqis with its 20mm gun.
by Galloping Ghost June 06, 2005
A sexual position that is only attempted by the bravest men with iron-clad stomachs.

1. Get a girl from the club/party/kickback/hoedown/hootnanny to take you back to her house.
2. Convince her to let you fuck her in the ass.
3. Also convince her you can't get her pregnant from spelunking in her poop chute so you won't need a condom.
4. Fuck her until you cum right in her ass. And before she realizes whats going on you'll need to muster up all your constitutions and suck your own cum out of her ass.
5. When she turns around to see what all the hubbub was about, spit the jizz right in her eyes and yell "COBRA!"
Kyle-"Hey dude why is that chick walking over here looking like shes going to kill someone."
Jeremy-"Holy Shit thats the girl that I gave a COBRA to last night."
Kyle-"Holy cockass we've gotta get you the fuck out of here!"
by henchogreezy November 25, 2010
The Art where by a female urinates standing up. The Cobra is preformed when the female uses her index and middle finger resembling "fangs" to stretch back the labia and take aim. Thrusting pelvis is common and highly recommended.
From the front view you can see the true resemblance of the Cobra.....
Zayne: "Shit Jenny you should probably thrust your pelvis when you Cobra because your are pissing all over your leg"
by Beeeeman January 15, 2014
an uncercumsized penis, the hood like a cobra
Did you see JP's cobra?! It was spitting at us!
by HiMyNameIsCam December 04, 2006
When a person goes psycho, throws major bitch fits and ends up looking like a total jackass.
Ugly Ray went cobra at work and now everyone hates him and wants to kick his back stabbing ass.
by butterbutt October 08, 2006
An older man who frequents bars and nightclubs where young women are numberous in order to take one home or to date one. Usually attractive (or think they are) or very wealthy, cobras have no problem finding women who are 15-20+ years younger than them. Most of their women have daddy issues. Male equivalent of a cougar.
The cobra that I met at the bar the other night is taking me on a trip to France with him! I know he has several wrinkles but as long as I sleep with him, he takes care of me!

Ex. Hugh Hefner
by Smarty_Marty July 26, 2012
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