*A slang term referring to a man's penis.

*The main enemy of the GI Joe storyline; a heavily-armed, highly-trained, highly-disciplined, ruthless terrorist organization, operating under the guise of various civilian firms, whose ultimate goal is world domination. Their leader is Cobra Commander.

*The Boss's unit in Metal Gear Solid 3 : Snake Eater, consisting of The Pain, The Fury, The Fear, The Sorrow, and The End. Considered by many to be very unoriginal on KCEJ's part.
-battle-cry of the Cobra unit in GI Joe.
by Dave September 28, 2004
A massive, dark-skinned cock (usually black or latino).
Wow - I sucked an awesome latino cobra this afternoon at the gloryhole in the university library bathroom! Mmm-mmm good!
by Wordmaster B December 27, 2004
Post coitus, a man ejaculates into their partner's mouth and the partner then proceeds to spit the semen into another's eye. This emulates the defensive mechanism of the spitting cobra.
Man, that girl has badass cobra aim!
by Sublim1nal May 31, 2007
1. A description of sex that surpasses "dirty", "nasty", "freaky", and "kinky". based on 2nd definition.

2. A dirty prank pulled during drunken sex by males who are predominately considered dirty punk-rockers and are self-proclaimed scumbags. When the time seems right, the male sticks his thumb in his mouth and then pulls it out and puts it forcefully into the females butt while screaming "COBRAAAAAA!!!". This was the battle cry of COBRA (the badguys) in the cartoon "G.I. Joe". The main goal of this is to proclaim to everyone else in the house/area that you just jammed yer thumb in the butt of a girl who was not expecting it. Hilarity often ensues. Tough, scummy punk-rock broads often hit people over this or do it right back. Got you a free COBRA tattoo at one point in columbus, oh.
ex for 1: I cobra-ed the hell outta that girl last night and she loved it. bet she goes home and washes with bleach but doesn't stop smiling.

ex for 2: My old lady won't let me have a threesome because last time i tried to slip them both the cobra while i was getting head and most of my friends were downstairs.
by CobraHouse April 24, 2006
When a woman gets an attitude and starts wagging her head back and forth!
Robin Williams to Oprah: "Don't be getting all cobra on me now!"
by Hallie Corson September 20, 2004
a large, venom spitting, flesh wanting body part of a male's anatomy. Found below the abdomen.
Devin has a spitting cobra.
by Darcki July 08, 2006
A criminally retarded member of the Wrestling General Board at the IGN Boards.
Oh great...Another cobra thread. Marvelous.
by Colin March 22, 2004

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