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The 2003/2004 Cobra which is under rated at 320hp/320tq. It dynos around 360rwhp. No other car can be compared to this price wise. With only $1,000 in modifications (Pulley, Tune, Exhaust, Intake) this car will be near impossible to beat because with that combo it will be running low 11's in the quarter mile. Some people call it the "Domestic Supra" because you can have over 700rwhp without even having to mess with the engine block!
"The 03 Cobras are damn near untouchable if it's pullied"

"All other Mustangs are slow once you see how quick the 03 cobra's are"

"I just ran an 11.4 @ 120MPH with only a 2.8 pulley, exhaust, intake and custom tune"
by hissman July 10, 2005

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