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A swift unexpecting hit to a persons genital at any given time with your hand. When performing a Cobra you yell out "COBRA" then go for the hit.
While having a conversation about your week-end with your friends in the middle of a sentence yell "COBRA" then hit your friend and continue on with your previous topic.
#cobra #friendly violence #unexpected hitting #genital hits #hands
by Maraiah July 10, 2008
Go Fuck Yourself
Customer:Can I get an iced Grande coffee.

Barista:Sure an iced grande coffee.

Customer: I said an iced venti coffee how hard is it to get a drink size correct

Barist: Oh i'm sorry but I heard grande

Customer: well you heard wrong.

Barista:ok.That'll be 2.65

(money exchanged)

Barista:and your drink will be right up...GFY

Customer:What did you say?

Barista: I said have a nice day
#go #fuck #yourself #stupid people #friendly conversation
by Maraiah July 11, 2008
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