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The highest trim level available on a Mustang. (excluding Saleen, Roush, Steeda, etc.) The latest version of which, is capable of 390 HP... STOCK. The Cobra project began in 1993 with the first SVT (Special Vehicle Team) product being a fox body Mustang (five liter), which came stock with about 260 HP. In 1996, the 4.6 liter engine was debuted. The car made 305 horsepower. The cars stayed about the same, with mild performance gains until 2003, when the 'Terminator' was made available to the public.
The new Cobra has 390 HP, and 390 Ft. Lbs. of tourqe. Three 2003 Cobras make as much tourqe as nine Acura Integra Type R's.
by Bitchin Kitchen June 25, 2003
195 123
1. A close cousin to the shocker, the cobra consists of 4 in the pink, 1 in the stink. Simply form your hand into the shape of a snake head. The '4' will be your fingers, and ram your thumb up her ass.
2. Fun thing to do to drunk girls during hook ups and casual sex.
3. Easy way to piss off the girlfriend/wife if she isn't expecting it.
"Hey Matt, what's the matter with Kacey?"
"Oh, me and Vaughan ran a Cobra Train on her last night, she's just a little sore."
by Vaughan and Matt March 02, 2006
87 63
A swift unexpecting hit to a persons genital at any given time with your hand. When performing a Cobra you yell out "COBRA" then go for the hit.
While having a conversation about your week-end with your friends in the middle of a sentence yell "COBRA" then hit your friend and continue on with your previous topic.
by Maraiah July 10, 2008
46 24
The 2003/2004 Cobra which is under rated at 320hp/320tq. It dynos around 360rwhp. No other car can be compared to this price wise. With only $1,000 in modifications (Pulley, Tune, Exhaust, Intake) this car will be near impossible to beat because with that combo it will be running low 11's in the quarter mile. Some people call it the "Domestic Supra" because you can have over 700rwhp without even having to mess with the engine block!
"The 03 Cobras are damn near untouchable if it's pullied"

"All other Mustangs are slow once you see how quick the 03 cobra's are"

"I just ran an 11.4 @ 120MPH with only a 2.8 pulley, exhaust, intake and custom tune"
by hissman July 10, 2005
88 69
When urinating a male pulls their foreskin up as far as they can. Once pulled out to the max they ensue to squeeze and shut the foreskin. The next step is to start peeing, the pee will balloon up in the foreskin. Once the foreskin has reached the desired size the male will release the pressure on the foreskin unloading a plethora of urine on surrounding toilets and victims. When done properly one should be able to pee large distances in almost any direction. Be sure to do this in a shower when starting out, to save a mess that will happen
"Dude, I just had the best Cobra ever, I hit the roof with my urine."

"I wish i wasn't circumcised, then I would still be able to do the Cobra"
by Cobra Master October 18, 2012
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A venomous snake found in Africa and Asia. It is characterized by a hood that it spreads to intimidate potential predators.
The largest venomous snake is the king cobra.
by Erin Catherine May 01, 2008
18 8
1.The act of shouting the word "COBRA!" after performing an act of petty "crime" (Usually not even considered crime, but more of a petty annoyance), then running away as fast as you possibly can.

2.To write the word "COBRA! on something, to make its glory viewable to the entire community. Shouting the word "COBRA!" and running off is generally followed up after doing this, as the ancient ritual goes.

"COBRA!" is also sometimes described as a way of life or a state of mind by its practitioners. Inner enlightenment is said to occur to most people after successfully cobraing something, and the sudden realization has also frightened off most of the potential practitioners. Those with a high enough willpower to "COBRA!" again, often do.
"Dude, I totally COBRA!'d that kids homework."
"(After stealing all the sugar packets in Burger King) COBRA!"
by 5|v|06 February 05, 2008
13 4
A sexual position that is only attempted by the bravest men with iron-clad stomachs.

1. Get a girl from the club/party/kickback/hoedown/hootnanny to take you back to her house.
2. Convince her to let you fuck her in the ass.
3. Also convince her you can't get her pregnant from spelunking in her poop chute so you won't need a condom.
4. Fuck her until you cum right in her ass. And before she realizes whats going on you'll need to muster up all your constitutions and suck your own cum out of her ass.
5. When she turns around to see what all the hubbub was about, spit the jizz right in her eyes and yell "COBRA!"
Kyle-"Hey dude why is that chick walking over here looking like shes going to kill someone."
Jeremy-"Holy Shit thats the girl that I gave a COBRA to last night."
Kyle-"Holy cockass we've gotta get you the fuck out of here!"
by henchogreezy November 25, 2010
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