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A game that can be played by an unlimited number of people. This can be played at work because to those who are unaware of it, "click" means nothing. It is played by 2 or more people by simply saying "click" when one of the players think a sexual thought.
*Hot chick walks by*
Guy 1: "Click."
*guy two notices the girl based on the "click" and agrees*
Guy 2: "Click!"

Person one: "What's for dinner?"
Person two: "Your mom was"
Person two and any other players that may find person one's mom to be a milf: "Click"
by Artemis_the_Adorable January 10, 2009
To play an online roleplaying game.
After I get off work, I'm gonna click hella-hard!!!

Man, you've been clicking for 48 hours straight... take a shower...

He clicked so much, his wife left him.

by Bradley Gross March 22, 2007
means a gang. comes from the french word clique.
"i'm going to the club with my click"
by Daniel McCabe November 20, 2005
me and my homies or you and your homies
me and my click or you and your click
by Ben R. June 25, 2005
to unexpectedly hang the phone up on someone
Hello, this is Michael speaking
by tatomuck1 February 22, 2009
the pussy of a woman
he suckin on my click
by kiki321love April 04, 2008
a girls pussy (vagina).
did u ever see a click
by jhitft May 15, 2007