A girl's vagina, pussy,
Man bro, I got me in that click last night,
Lemme get yo click wet shawty
by Ace Bunnie December 03, 2006
A derogatory name given to a dolt or dwanker. Even if the true name of the individual is known, the name "click" is substituted if the dude is a total dwank!
Max: "Is William coming to the meeting?"
Scott: "You'd think that the last time would have been his last time after proposing an interior decorating agenda for 3 hours when we were supposed to be talking about alternative fuels! Alas CLICK will likely be here!"
by psiscott April 09, 2006
Vietnam war origin: An arbitary distance based on how far away the sound of a rife being cocked can be heard, affected by variables like terrain and weather conditions.
Relax soldier, were only about three clicks from a hot shower and poon tang now ;).
by Blue Cawdrey November 21, 2004
In a transgender person whose gender reassignment surgery has gone awry, a click is a clit that has been turned into a dick, but poorly. Also known as the megaclit.
Have you seen Robert's click? It's tiny!
by ClickSistas November 28, 2006
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