Click is when you don't have to filter or explain or plan out your thoughts or words or actions or desires to the other person because the other person is your soul mate and everything just seems to click perfectly.
Click is what we all live for.
by Colin J.K. February 08, 2009
a new relationship

to get off with someone!
"did you get a click last night!"
by nic January 13, 2004
Click or Clicking, meaning to hang up a phone call
I was on the phone with Jason and he clicked on me without saying good-bye. I was so pissed
by ZacharyyAlexanderRobertoo September 05, 2009
When someone calls your phone and you dont want to talk to them, you press the "Ignore" button.
Dude the phone only rang for 4 seconds before it went to voicemail....i think that bitch just clicked on me!!
by F Schnitzel August 21, 2007
Group of people or friends, eventually all large groups degrade into clicks.
I'm haging out with a different click tonight.
by Anonymous September 11, 2003
me and my girl broke up and she came back with her click and trashed my crib
by choozyoozy April 05, 2003
Can be either
1. a dick so small it resembles an enlarged clit.
2. a clit so large it resembles a small dick.
1. Oh my god billy, i don't think we can date. you look like you gotta a little click there.
2. oh my god allison, i don't think we can date. that clit is just to got yourself a click.
by Guillermo8789 April 14, 2008

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