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Ebonics for "clit."
AKA clicky
"Got-damn, you sure like licking on my click, huh?"

"You trying to give my clicky a hicky?"
by Uncle Cracker June 28, 2007
1. (verb) to morally flame
2. (verb) to annoy and warn a person or people on AIM for fun and revenge
You better be nice to me or I'll click you for life!
by Clicker March 15, 2004
When something is happening, did happen, was said, that makes no sense and you are confused and it must end. Often accompanied with the motion of clicking a remote.
Zach: Did you see the pre-show free show freak show?

Sam: Yeah, "click!"
by Shammy August 26, 2003
me and my girl broke up and she came back with her click and trashed my crib
by choozyoozy April 05, 2003
A group or gangster group.
Yeah J.V. get your click on!!
by Keith D. September 28, 2006
The art of hanging up on an annoying female (a bitch).
Whatever you say...Click!
by MikeToTheG June 23, 2005
The sound your piece is going to make when I take it away from you, stick it up your ass and pull the trigger.
"That's right, man. Nobody fucks with the Jesus!"
by Doktor Chonze August 03, 2004