The sweetest guy you will ever meet. He cares about everyone and everything, but super straight forward. He tells you what he thinks staright up, but he doesnt try to be mean about it. he is a player, but theres always that one person that he feels so differently about and means the world to him, your lucky if your that girl. so dont hurt him.
Kodi finally found that speical girl
by cinco ocho October 29, 2011
The best, sweetest person you could ever meet! She makes my whole day brighter when she smiles!! Have you ever met a Kodi?? aren't they the best ?
person A: Do you know Kodi?
person B: Of course shes the bestest!!
by N.M.R March 24, 2010
one of the best most caring, kind hearted girls ive ever met, shes so nice and shy at times, but loves everyone, is down to earth and is absolutely beautiful, she is one in a million <3
Kodi Vick is an amazing girl, and she means the world to me.
by C. Piedra Vista February 13, 2012
A smart man with fantastic hair, like totally. He is extremely handsome, and can have any lover he chooses. His prowess is legendary
Check out that Kodi with the pimped out Lincoln. You KNOW he's gettin' some action tonite!
by 2high2work February 03, 2015
These jolly folk,native to Scandinavia, suffer from a major inadequacy and abandonment issues. While they attempt to sing in order to overcome their problems, they constantly fall short of the friars. Also, friars are much more effective at attracting women fold, as compared to Kodi; this conflict can lead to a Kodis developing an Anilash or a Gandharv.
Kodis was so frustrated after singing at the fall hill concert he developed an Anilash
by Ragnorizzle March 31, 2009
kodi is a strongly emotional hyocrite who makes his girlfriends and even just his/hers friends miserable who might wear make-up and wears alot of it/ and thinks hes/shes god , he/she is also very cocky and could be mean.
but not all kodi's are like this , some could be just the oppisite of it all : )
Person: Hi
Kodi: bye
Person: why
Kodi: Cause you suck.
by iunno. March 22, 2009
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