Definetly NOT Detroit.
Cleveland: At least we're not Detroit! We're not Detroit!
by Not a Detroiter August 23, 2011
Also known as C-town, but don't call it the "mistake on the lake" (they don't like that there). Royally screwed over by LeBrana. On that note, all the sports teams are known for losing. Bipolar weather; you get all four seasons in a day if you wait long enough. Economically slumping, but there's some pretty cool stuff there sometimes.

Hey, we're not Detroit.

Used as an adjective - could refer to anything bipolar.

Used as a verb - to get screwed.
Adj: This prof is so Cleveland today.

Verb: We just got totally Clevelanded.
by TheRevolutionary April 13, 2011
the mistake on the lake
Hey, wanna go to Cleveland this weekend?
Uh, no.
by scruffy the pirate June 22, 2005
A guy with confidence. A ladies man. Such a pretty boy. Very respectful, honest and true. The type of guy who puts others needs before his own. A guy every female wants. The type of guy with patients and integrity. A great friend, boyfriend, husband or father. Hard worker, trustworthy and intelligent. The type of guy every woman hopes to marry.
"Cleveland is a wonderful guy, I think about him all the time"
by Elaine219 February 15, 2014
- Word used in a situation when one person thinks the other person is lying.
- Used at the end of a statement when wanting to make it clear that said statement is absolutely true.
- Used as a question after a statement is heard to see if statement is true or not.
Boy: "The store is flooded. Customers are swimming by."
Girl: "Cleveland?"
Boy: "No, just kidding. I'm bored ha ha."

Girl: "I promise you i will always be there for you, through the good times and the bad. Cleveland."
Boy: :)
by M(Hearts) November 27, 2011
The largest city in Ohio. Also the shittiest city in America. Home to large amounts of ghetto blacks and whites who are still unaware that sagging your pants is used when you would like to be raped. Also home to the worst sports teams in America. Most notably the Cavaliers and the Browns. Most residents of Cleveland still bitch about how LeBron James would rather play for a nice city like Miami. The only source of entertainment in Cleveland is going to the local Walmart which is also full of classless and bitching cunts who wish they had something to enjoy. The sky is also the color of a massive shit stain and the sounds of police sirens and rape drowns out any existing birds.
Cavs Fan- Fuck you LeBron!

Tourist- Do you have anything better to do then bitch and moan about how LeBron would rather win 6 championships in a classy city like Miami rather than shit-stained Cleveland?
Cavs Fan-........No.

Cleveland, at least we're not Detroit
by Cavs Suck, FUCK CLEVELAND June 27, 2011
A city in Northeast Ohio right below Lake Erie. It's an awful city, but everybody who lives there thinks it's the best city ever. The sports suck, the weather is bipolar (there is normally more snow on Easter than on Christmas), and it is dirt poor. The rich suburbs are all drug addicted.

On the up side, Cleveland has the rock and roll hall of fame and a lot of great rappers (for example, Kid Cudi <3) come from there. Also, the Cleveland Orchestra is really good. Famous people to come from Cleveland include: Halle Berry, Drew Carey, Jim Brown, Terrence Howard, Jim Tressel, Paul Newman, Cy Young, and Jesse Owens.
The sports teams in Cleveland are awful, but at least they have Lebron... Oh wait, he left.
by nanana1125 January 15, 2011

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