Similar to Cleveland, or Ohio. When in public and you want to tell somebody to check out some nice cleavage. Mention any of these words in the definition.
John: Hey Andy, have you been to Cleveland lately?

Andy: Yeah, I went there last week. That city has a lot more hills in it than you would think.
by Tommy Toolio May 17, 2005
cleveland, ohio a.k.a. tha land, ctown. is the biggest city in ohio located in northeast ohio is a dangerous city known for the flats downtown where people get tossed off bridges into lake erie and never see anything but the darkness of the abyss again. also located in the middle of tha map where alot of people get claped the average person growin up in cleveland have a hard time makin it to the age of 20. known for the indians cavs and browns and people that disrespect it get drowned.
guy1: man u heard bout dem katz dat got clapped

guy2: yeah dey were from pittsburgh and got dey life snatched N cleveland
by greg9908 February 15, 2008
Otherwise known as "tha land" or "C land i.a". we are a diversed people with a large underground hip hop community. We are also famous for talking "in tha ski" wut it dooskiby tha ABM officiallz. We are also known for rap artists ill eagle,corey bapes,ray cash al fatzandchip tha ripper, not to forget rap immortals bone thugs n harmony.we also have a big drug community. other than for being poor and rap we are known for sports(cleveland cavaliers, cleveland indians.another thing we are known for is cappin. we are also the birthplace of rock and roll. cleveland has commonly been referred to as the mistake on the lake.little do they know this the deadliest city in america.cleveland is steadily progressing there way up the pop culture map and easily one of the greatest american cities.
cleveland be cappin on does broke hoes.
by jordansmith February 16, 2008
The poorest big city in America.
Cleveland is in bad shape.
by Mr. Stiffer November 20, 2006
Fun times in Cleveland Again!
Still Cleveland!
Come on down to Cleveland town everyone
Under construction since 1868
See our river that catches on fire
It's so polluted that all our fish have AIDS
See the sun almost three times a year
this guy has at least two DUIs
Flats looks like a Scooby Doo ghost town
Don't slow down in East Cleveland or you'll die
Our economy's based on Lebron James
Buy a house for the price of a VCR
Our main export is crippling depression
We're so retarded that we think this is art
It could be worse but at least we're not Detroit!
We're not Detroit!
"Water's coming OUT of the sewer, we're definitely in Cleveland."
-This actually happened.
by Wanna pet Macaque? April 15, 2011
the mistake by the lake
Cleveland is the mistake by the lake, and the browns suck.
by davis1134 January 06, 2009
A beautiful city in summer and a very cold place during winter. Known for its cultural diversity and Italian and Irish background. Consists of very famous towns on the outskirts of Cleveland ; Ex. Lakewood, Strongsville, Parma.

Cleveland is known for the Capital of Rock N' Roll.
I was born and raised in Cleveland and know for a fact that people from Cleveland of very into they're teams of Athletic events such as the Indians, Cavilers, And Browns.
The Mike Trivizano show is one of Americas famous radio talk shows and held in-from Cleveland.

Known for the Lake its held on, The Lake Erie.

The town forgoes very harsh winters consisting of up to feet of snow in mostly all winters.

Best city in Ohio. Unlike its shitty town to the south, Cincinnati<<< SHIT!
Thumbs up for CLEVELAND LOVE!
Cleveland is onee cold place bro!
by Jonathan D'auria March 12, 2011

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