A city in Ohio. Also known as Clevelandtown. Under construction since 1868. Cleveland's economy is mostly based on Lebron James. Every citizen in Cleveland still uses payphones and has at least two DUI's. The water in Cleveland is so filthy that its rivers can catch on fire. Its main export is crippling depression. All the flats in Cleveland look like they're from a Scooby Doo ghost town. Don't stop or slow down in East Cleveland or you'll die. FUN FACTS: 1.Cleveland leads the nation in drifters. 2. Most of the food in Cleveland is prepared near the street. 3. Cleveland only has two buildings. 4. At least it's not Detroit.
Gentleman 1: What's that barren wasteland beyond the horizon?

Gentleman 2: That's a place where there used to be industry. But that was many years ago. That wasteland is known as Cleveland. God forgot about Cleveland a long time ago.
by Dr. Kintaro May 23, 2009
1. A city in northern ohio

2. The black guy from family guy who is good friends with peter, joe, and quagmire.
1. Guy 1: "Ayo lets go hit up cleveland tonite."

Guy 2: "Alright."

2. Cleveland: "Hey y'all, sock it to me!"
by Tha Dood 10 July 20, 2009
An okay city in an okay state. I should know, I live here.

The weather is extreme. It's now cold in May.
Crappy rappers come from Cleveland-Chip Da Ripper and Fat Al.
Lake Erie caught on fire.
Our sports teams do really well, but ALWAYS fuck up so close to finals and championships.
We have a once a year amusement park.
A Christmas Story and Spiderman 3 and Antoine Fisher was filmed here.
We're the heart of rock and roll.
Foreigners love Cleveland. I wonder why.
by Old School Disney May 21, 2008
worse than hell, use your imagination
Carl: Have you ever been to hell
Frank: Nope, but ive been to cleveland, ohio
carl: is that worse?
frank: can the river in hell catch on fire?
by boggles April 29, 2008
A slang term for where a lost item has gone or on its way to.
1. Quoted from the 1990 film Die Hard 2: Die Harder

Where is your ID?

On his way to Cleveland.

2. Question someone asks: Where did that car go? Cleveland? Or around the back of the lot.

by Nicholas Weiner April 27, 2008
poorest city in america. most hardcore city in america. mind ya dam business or get shot. growin up on east 71st and ceder. bitch im from cleveland n proud. we got cavs, browns, n indians. we wreckin on all niggaz. bone thugz n harmony errbody kno them! chip tha ripper! slab up!
we doin this shit from cleveland to l.a. nigga.......i caught a plane out to cleveland late last evening, to help my niggaz clean up some niggaz no longer breathin! -TUPAC
by iROCKice July 14, 2008
Even though cleveland is refered the "Mistake on the Lake" its a great city. Even though most of cleveland is full of notorius thugs, cleveland is a ghetto ass place. The home of the greatest rap group ever, BONE THUGS N HARMONY, no rappers can even come close to those true thugs.
Cleveland is the city
by Urban Dictionary May 24, 2005
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