The only thing Cincinnati has going for it is Rumpke.
Union Terminal isn't bad either.
by Steve Johnson April 02, 2004
Famous for riots, shootings, racism, dead black people, acting like the people there are living in Detroit, the cross-town shootout, the Bengals, the Reds, a big river, chili with chocolate in it, and dead black people.
Shaniqua: I'm moving to Cincinnati!
Fred: Jesus Christ woman, your gonna get yourself shot!
#ohio #detroit #hamilton county #ohio river #northern kentucky #southern ohio
by Citizen out to serve other November 04, 2005
A bad choice of record usually played by whack Dj's, see also Miami
This shit's seriously Cincinnati!
by Jon November 15, 2003
A motherfucking place where everything is boring and sucks. Do not take any invitaton to live here, its terrible
by Thom April 01, 2003
the greatest city in Ohio because it is not overrun with liberals and faggots (even though there are a few).
All the homos can go back to California and Boston; keep Cincinnati clean!
by Cincinnati Reds Fan February 06, 2005
I'm GAY! Gay gay gay gay GAY!!!! Fuck me in the ass! Where is my kitty kat?

I like Bengal tiger teeth around my balls
There may not be any liberals or gay people in Cincy, but there's a lot of murderers, muggers, urban blight and racial tension!

How damn ironic
by Cincinnati Reds Fan April 23, 2005
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