An amazingly mis-represented city. Im an Ohio native and have even lived in the inner-city Cincinnati. No matter what these other shit heads tell you...Cinncinnati is NOT A GHETTO! It is nearly an all white city filled with hard-working people and interesting food. It is by far the LEAST ghetto place that I have ever lived in. The crime rate in Cincinnati does not even touch the crime found in my true native ghetto suburb or South Euclid/Lyndhurst. Do not listen to anyone that tries to convince you that Cinci is a ghetto. They are assholes.
Cincinnati Native: "Yo, yo, yo....reppin Cinci up in heah!"

South Euclid Native: "You got to da count of 10 to start
running before I pop a cap in yo ass"
by Zuke July 18, 2006
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For God's Sakes, why can't ANYONE say anything POSITIVE about the Queen City? Lighten up! Cincinnati is not that bad you know. Sure maybe it does have its gangs and inner-city problems, and so-called "Right-Wing Activists", but so what? Regardless of what anybody says on this site, there are things to do in Cincinnati, the Reds are a popular team, chili is NOT the only food available in the city, and many major companies are based in this great town. So if you think that all the crime and gangs completely ruins Cincinnati, then obviously you haven't been paying attention to other major metropolitan cities: Detroit, MI; Gary, IN; Newark, NJ; Compton, CA; all prime examples. I love Cincinnati, so lay off the poor town.
Cincinnati has long been the Ruler of the Ohio River Valley. It is a place to call home.
by Ryan Jones May 06, 2004
The "Queen City" of Ohio, Cincinnati is an awesome place to live and visit. Let's list the perks, shall we: Oktoberfest in the fall, Tall Stacks in the spring, Riverfest on Labor Day, Party in the Park all summer long, Reds, Bengals, Riverbend concerts, Kings Island, The Beach Waterpark (largest in the midwest), Main Street bars, Mt. Adams hilltop drinkin, etc. We also have the Newport/Covington side of the river, which is constantly improving, and is a blast to hang out at. Newport on the Levy, the Waterfront, and Main Strasse German Village are all so much fun to visit. Despite what people who are not from cincinnati say, our chili is the shit!! Not only that, but Graeter's ice is the best ice cream you'll ever have the pleasure of eating. Also, business is booming here. P&G, which is headquartered in Cincy, just merged with Gillete, making it the largest consumer products company in the world! Although our city may not be the most liberal, or the most racially diverse, the situation could be much worse. Overall, Cincinnati is a beautiful, entertaining city and a great place to live. Don't hate on us!!
Cincinnati is the best city in Ohio. Far better than the industrial ghetto shithole to the North...Cleveland. Yuck.
by Liz February 02, 2005
A great city that I did not appreciate until I left. I miss it and despite what people say, it is a great place. There are plenty of fun things to do and it is definatley rebuilding. GO BENGALS!
Sam: Where are you from?
Julie: Cincinnati
Sam: Wow! I've heard thats a great place!
by iheartcincy May 04, 2004
Best city in America!!!!! To all the people bashing the Reds and Bengals, it takes a TRUE fan to go for your team when their losing, it's easy to go for a team when their winning (yankees, lakers) all the time. Surf Cincinnati is the bomb!!!!!
Joe: I live in Cincinnati.
John: Lucky devil!
by Snoop Rob December 23, 2004
A wonderful city at the southwestern edge of the Great State of Ohio. With well over 315,000 people residing just within the city limits itself, Cincinnati serves as the major cultural, financial, educational, and commercial center for a tri-state area that includes Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. This is also the most important of all the large cities on the Ohio River. Because of its high standing and its seemingly having ultimate command of the Mighty Ohio, Cincinnati has been dubbed "The Queen City".
Cincinnati is awesome and it rules; therefore, it is also known as The Queen City.
by Union Soldier March 20, 2005
A city of around 315,000 in the southwestern edge of Ohio. It has a massive metropolitan population of over 2.1 million people covering Northern Kentucky and a large amount of southwestern Ohio. It is a very fine city; it is full of musuems, restaurants, shopping areas, sports stadiums, and is home to the World's first skyscrapers outside of Chicago and New York City, of who were first. Home to the Bengals (Pronounced 'BAIN-Guls) NFL Team and the Cincinnati Reds MLB Team, Cincinnati is also the only true conservative/Republican metropolis in the state of Ohio, I'm glad to say.
I love Cincinnati. I love it a lot.
by The Kentucky Yankee February 05, 2005
The only city cool enough to have over 150 definitions on UrbanDictionary.

Everything from code names for weed, to sexual acts, to types of chili. Cincinnati is one of most unique, urban cities in the United States. Not only does it have and endless supply of intriguing neighborhoods that house people from all walks of life, but it's also got a kick-ass name.

Whether it's:
The Nati
Nasty Nati
...people take pride in saying they're from this place.

There's no way to judge the place unless you've been down in the streets. Once you get to know Cincy, you'll find that the city has got endless sides.
Person 1: "I love Cincinnati. There are fantastic restaurants in Hyde Park, beautiful views from Mt Adams, and Fountain Square is gorgeous. Impeccable arts, wonderful symphony and opera. The parks are magnificent. And Mariemont is simply adorable."

Person 2: "Hell yeah, I love me some Nasty Nati too. I can get good weed in Avondale, pick up a nice hooker on McMicken, and then go to Kentucky to get liquored up before all before I start my night of cruising down Reading."
by ProkNo5 May 13, 2010
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