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1 definition by ProkNo5

The only city cool enough to have over 150 definitions on UrbanDictionary.

Everything from code names for weed, to sexual acts, to types of chili. Cincinnati is one of most unique, urban cities in the United States. Not only does it have and endless supply of intriguing neighborhoods that house people from all walks of life, but it's also got a kick-ass name.

Whether it's:
The Nati
Nasty Nati
...people take pride in saying they're from this place.

There's no way to judge the place unless you've been down in the streets. Once you get to know Cincy, you'll find that the city has got endless sides.
Person 1: "I love Cincinnati. There are fantastic restaurants in Hyde Park, beautiful views from Mt Adams, and Fountain Square is gorgeous. Impeccable arts, wonderful symphony and opera. The parks are magnificent. And Mariemont is simply adorable."

Person 2: "Hell yeah, I love me some Nasty Nati too. I can get good weed in Avondale, pick up a nice hooker on McMicken, and then go to Kentucky to get liquored up before all before I start my night of cruising down Reading."
by ProkNo5 May 13, 2010