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n. the act of going to any fast food restaurants such as Taco Bell, McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Sonic, etc. and both eating as much as you can off of the menu then entering a corn field with your girlfriend and/or boyfriend and using your own diarrhea as lube, injecting your pecker into the outer cusp of her bung hole and while fucking her, husk three or more pieces of corn and insert into their hole. After humping the inner ring for various minutes, she will spout diarrhea all over your dope dick, and shoot out the full pieces of corn. You eat the corn.


Steve: Wow man, I fucking ate Taco Bell with my boyfriend and then we went to the cornfield and used my shit as lube, then I put corn in his ass, he's such a freak! Then he fuckin shot it out of his ass and I ate the corn it was so weird! SO torqued man!
John: DUDE! You're a fucking Cincinnati CORN HUSKER! that's so dope man, you're fuckin dank also. You must have been torqued.
Steve: I know man, I'm super dope. PETE'S HOT!!!! and max and gilly!
see cornhole ^^
Example should include the word "Cincinatti Corn Husker"
by DANE BROO!! February 26, 2010

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