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A turd considting of at least 70% cheese
"My doctor told me he needed a stool sample, but all i have is this churd"
by Sir Chop February 08, 2012
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An instance of fecal matter used as a dildo.
"I can't believe your mom just did that!"
by Slasher March 17, 2003
A person who walks too fast.
The churd walked so fast that the bus wasn't able to beat him to the last stop.
by A guy123 November 03, 2009
a combination of a choad and a turd. if you are being a churd you are definately being a jackass.
(El)ECB is usually a churd after too much crown enters his system.
by bert/frank September 26, 2005
Churd is simply short for Richurd.
Though Richurd is commonly spelled Richard... Richird, Richurd and Richerd are pronounced the same, so spelling Churd with a "u" simply calarifies the sound... or, as it seems in this case, the "vowel movement".
by the real ambassador April 03, 2006
A cross between a chipmunk, and a turd.
What's that in the bushes? Just some churd, crawling around.
by stmvrk August 08, 2009
A person who is a combination of churl and turd.
"Stop being such a churd".
by intelpro May 24, 2006

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