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It is the combination of grundle and chode. An insult for a guy.
Eww look at that guy hes a chundle.
by manbearpig8342 September 26, 2010
To have your chin warmed by testicles.
"Arthur, could you please rest your testicles on my chin so i can be chundles?".
by Arns February 04, 2012
the sexual act or any act involving one's taint; to fondle the taint, specifically with the index and middle fingers extended.
Chundle my runch bitch!
by craig von jackson September 17, 2006
Teh bundle, or trundle, a person who is feeling sick or being sick or has been sick, normally as a result of alcohol
"robin looks liek he's gonna larry! CHUNDLE!"
by woody faulkner September 23, 2006
When you laugh so much, and so hard, that you also throw up.
"I'd just eaten, see, and he said something about fisting in a very public place; it was hilarious and I laughed so hard I chundled!"
by robotdanceteam August 27, 2009
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