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An activity done by individuals who run at lunch instead of eating at lunch.
I'm off to runch.
by Special K J February 11, 2010
The meal between breakfast and dinner for dogs named Scooby.
Rut roh! I runt to eat runch.
by Kimmah May 12, 2010
Chinese food for lunch.
Dude, you want to order runch?
Nah, I'm gonna have a sub.
by Officeguy August 19, 2011
Runch (verb)

1. The quick and ruthless domination of an opponent.

Originated from a game of WarCraft III when a player spelt 'rush' incorrectly due to typing frantically as he was being beaten.

Sometimes combined with a body part to give extra emphasis.

See also runched in the ass
"I'm going to totally runch you in this game"

"OMG I was runched in the face!!"
by Whitestripes DX December 06, 2004
A dirty vagina. Usually used as an insult
"Dude quit acting like a runch"
by swe14etie July 11, 2012
1. It is a mix between rice and lunch.
2. It also could mean that someone just did something messed up.
Definition 1
"Yo i had runch today."

Definition 2
Matt: "yo i waffled a guys computer"
Mike: "yo that is so runch"
by Koondog February 09, 2009
(verb) To forcibly vomit into another person's rectum.
(noun) The act of forcibly vomiting into another person's rectum.
During the act of lovemaking, he runched her but good.
Oh, I can see by the way you're limping that you've just returned from the champagne runch.
by Anal Sampans March 07, 2014
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