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Santa Cruz, CA slang. Being really high between 12pm - 7am with symptoms such as munchies, squinty eyes, and speechlessness.
Nick, you're so chundled right now!
by chundlestonerms June 02, 2010
A description for anything to do with messed up, thrown off, disoriented, destroyed, ruined, scrambled, or jumbled. I.E. your brain, drugs, music, food, or mood
"Bro those beers chundled me."

"You look straight chundled"
"Yeah I just came back from Chundlecity"

"Dude, that ganja looks so brown"

"Hey did you pick up the milk and eggs?"
"Nah bro I chundled, my bad."
by ant shiva and s dubs November 17, 2009
Owned, Pwned, Drunk
Dude, I'm chundled!!!

(guy falling down stairs)
That guy's chindled!
by Alida5000 February 14, 2009