A person that generally thinks they are not being an asshole, when actually deep down inside they are total asswipes! and are hurting in some way or another.
a chumps self-worth is bloated by the sheer fact that they are imbeciles.
by anonymous June 02, 2005
1. A person who is the lowest of the low and has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.
2. Someone who can be easily tricked and derided by a wittier and more attractive male.
That Kim O'Brien is such a chump
by Oxford English Dictionary March 10, 2005
1.) An individual who appears unattractive to the opposite sex and contains no social skills to mitigate the handicap. Contrarily the "Chump" reveres them self as a superior in all situations without any basis for this status.

2.) Predominantly male social outcast
Joe: "How was the bar last night? any luck with the ladies?"

Bob: "Everybody wanted me, but I decided to come home and get the worlds highest score on Call of Duty instead."

Joe: "Dude, your a Chump."
by fuzzy platypus November 18, 2009
A Person that doesnt qualify to be a champ. All weomen, and most men.
A person that passes up a night of partying to study.
You cant hold your alcohol, you arent a champ anymore, your a chump.
by baylorchamp October 05, 2008
A half boner. Usually you get em when you see a sorta pretty girl. A chump is cooler than a boner. This word was made by Brent(BDB)
Erin gave me and danny a chump.
by Yup this is Brent September 14, 2008
A combination of chest and dump. Refers to the act of taking a dump on someone's chest. Can be used as a noun or verb.
Dude, I totally took a chump on her chest last night.
If he doesn't watch out, he's gonna get chumped.
by spxfootball77 August 03, 2008

3 humps... wow!!!!

"Fibulator is such a three pump chump !"
by Owned April 07, 2005

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