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1- A stupid, retarted, or worthless nown (person, place, or thing).

2- *Caution* can only be used by non-chumps. when a chump uses the word, awkward feelings/moments occur towards that person.
1- kid: Ms. Bower, you art thou a chump.
Ms. Bower: I beg your pardon! you should be ashamed of yourself.

nerdy dude: Hey maaannn you know gilles duceppe? he's such a chump. *nerdy laugh and several snorts*
*awkward silence*
normal dude: even if I knew who he was... I wouldn't care.
by hashely January 16, 2006
Anorexic people's blogs. They blab about how fat they are and make us all feel bad about ourselves... or, do they?
someone's anablog: 'oh. my. god. I ate like, a carrot today. I mean, I'm never going to be 42 pounds if I keep this up!!!. I think all 72 pounds of me should die. I am so FAT! and so BAD! oh I think I'll go puke that carrot up.'
by hashely January 17, 2006

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